Top 6 killer tips for creating best security password

Top 6 killer tips for creating best security password
The Best way to secure passwords is to create a strong password which is hard to guess by others and easy only for you. You should remember passwords or maintain a secure password manager by paying few bucks. Keep a habit of changing password once a month, to prevent from hacking and phishing. There are some good tips to be followed to keep your password strong and secured.
So, here in this article i'l guide you with creating a secure password and some tips to avoid it from hacking.

Important web addresses of Hyderabad, Telangana

Important web addresses of Hyderabad, Telangana

Here are some of the most important web addresses of Hyderabad, Telangana. I've clubbed these websites at one place so that users can navigate it easily.

Turn Your Windows 10 Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot using CMD

Turn PC into Wifi Hotspot using CMD

Wifi router too costly to afford? Don't worry, you can use your Ethernet Connection on your laptop or pc as a wifi hotspot router to use internet.
This works only when the system is active.
This method can be used when router is not working properly or if it is under repair. You can try this method for temporary use.
Even if you dont have router at home, you can use hotspot on your pc as much as u want.
Why waste money on data packs for mobiles when you have wifi at home? ;)

Android: Latest release(Nougat) and its previous versions

Android Nougat and its latest features

Android is a operating system developed for smartphones and tablets based on the Linux Kernel, designed for touchscreen devices as mentioned above. It is an open source Operating System(OS) which is openly available for everyone on internet. There are variety of manufacturers who use android source code and build smartphones. You can customize it in your own way if you know android programming.

Introduction to Commercial and Open Source Software

Introduction to Commercial and Open Source Software

Do  you have any idea about what is a commercial software or open-source software?
No?? Dont worry! Here is the Brief Introduction to Commercial and Open-Source Software.
Commercial and Open source are two different terms which have many definitions available on internet. 😜