5 unique features of blogging

5 unique features of blogging? You might be wondering why just 5 and why not more than that?
It is because i have listed out the main features in this post which might help and motivate you for blogging. Before you start blogging as a career or a part time work, you must know features and benefits from blogging. I apologize if you know any of this already, But i'll try my best to list out the important features:

"A blog is a means of sharing thoughts and ideas with the world"

1) Express Yourself

  You have the freedom of speech in blogging, but be sure whatever you write must be legit and true. You can express your thoughts in your own way and in your own language. It doesn't need any professionalism to start blogging. As you already know nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws.
At the beginning everyone makes errors, but later they become professionals. Just believe in yourself.
You can even improve at writing and thinking skills with the help of blogging.

2) Gain Knowledge and Share Knowledge

   Knowledge is a source of information stored in your brain. When you have knowledge about a certain topic, share it with the people. Don't destroy your knowledge, make it worth and share it with others. In blogging, you gain and share knowledge at the same time.
i.e., Before writing a blog, you first research about the topic, collect the information, make notes and then you write it. In this process, you gain knowledge. And at the same time you share knowledge with the world.

3) Build a Network

   You can interact with visitors of your page when they comment on blog posts and get to know about them whilst talking to them. You can create Facebook, Instagram page and keep your regular visitors connected with your blog posts. Whenever you create a new post, you just share it on the social networking pages. For example 50% of the followers will visit your blog and read the post.
Apart from that, be friends with other bloggers so that you stay motivated.

4) Earn Money

   Yes, you saw it right. You can earn money whilst just blogging. There are many ways through which you can earn in blogging. i.e., Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting, etc..
The most popular way of earning money on blogging platform is Adsense Advertisements.
You should work hard on your blogging skills so that you get adsense approval easily.
You can't be a millionaire in a day. You require attention, focus, dedication, patience and hard work to be successful.

5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After publishing a post successfully, your next step will be SEO of the blog and ├Čt's posts.
SEO is important because it brings your blog/website at first page of search engine. 
Almost 90% of people prefer websites which are on first page of search engine. That is their first priority, if they don't find any relevant information on first page they move to next page.
Our focus should be on first page of search engine with the help of  SEO.
So, yeah this is important in blogging.

These are the main features of blogging which should be kept in mind.
For blogging you require attention, focus, dedication, patience and hard work to be successful.
Hope you like it, comment your views below.

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