Hide HTML Code From Source Code

Hide HTML Code From Source Code is important for those who you want to keep their HTML code secret from stalkers/people. Let me be clear, when you right click on any website page you see an option "View Page Source" . When you click, it redirects to a page in which you can see the HTML code written by the developer.
When a person stalks a website, he/she can copy the code by just viewing the source code.
So, If you want to hide HTML code when someone opens Page Source, you just need to
Encrypt HTML

See, this is so simple.
- Go to www.google.com
- Search for "HTML Encrypter" and select any related website.
Click on this link - HTML Encrypter

Paste your HTML Code in this area
Click on Encrypt
After encrypting, scroll down and you'll see the
code has been encrypted.
Copy the code and paste it wherever you want.
Therefore, after successfully placing the encrypted code in the website source code, it will hide the HTML code.


When you click on encrypt button, the html code converts into javascript code and thus produces the output.

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