5 Best Android apps to meet new people Online (2019)

5 Best Android apps to meet new people online (2019)

Are you searching for meeting new friends online and betraying them later because you got bored of them? Hurray! You came to the wrong place then :/ . Seriously, i don’t understand this human behavior. If someone ignores you, you should search “5 best android apps to meet new people online” and select the website which has techiesmind in the link name. OMG I’m so funny ha ha ha, thank you.

Jokes aside, Humans are unpredictable. We look for happiness in the temporary things. A research tells that most of the people are sad because of high expectations. Maybe I’m getting distracted from the topic.

distraction from the topic

OK, enough being sad and cursing old friends. Let’s jump to the list of 5 best android apps which will help you in meeting new friends online.

Let me be clear that there are no Dating apps present in this list.

Ranked from the overrated to the underrated.

5) Facebook

Everyone knows about Facebook. For formality purpose I’ll describe it again.
Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. Facebook’s birth name was “TheFacebook” and later it changed to “Facebook”.

Facebook in 2004 (Image credits: Wikipedia)
Facebook 2019
Facebook in 2019

You can add people you know or people you may not know. But the chances of getting a reply back is less. Only people who are friendly in nature may reply back to your message. Facebook is for everyone, use it wisely and maintain discipline. Do not abuse or harass anyone.

4) Instagram

One thing which comes to my mind when i hear Instagram is memes. Because i like memes and i look for new memes everyday. You may have other obsession such as animals, lifestyle, automobiles, fashion, etc.,

instagram 2019

You can make instagram friends by texting them, liking and appreciating photos of others by commenting, replying to their stories.
Same as Facebook, here you have less chances of getting back replies. Once you find a person of mutual interests, marry them instantly. Just kidding, be kind and talk nicely.


PUBG?? You must be wondering why PUBG is on the list?
I’ll tell you briefly.
PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a multiplayer game where you can connect with your friends and play along with them. Basically, it can be played Solo, Duo, Squad and Crew.


Solo = 1 player
Duo = 2 players
Squad = 4 players
Crew = 6 players

When you play PUBG with random players online, you can make friends by just talking and gossiping about the latest updates in PUBG or whatever the topic may be. Recently, i read news about two PUBG players getting married XD.

PUBG couples get married
(Source : Times Now News)

I hope you find your PUBG Soulmate soon.

2) Hotel Hideaway (Virtual World)

I was bored, so i was searching something related to virtual world and my eyes got captivated to this amazing game. It was confusing in the beginning but after 1-2 hours of usage, i was addicted to this game. I made lot of friends within a day and i was busy the whole day talking.

hotel hideaway5 Best Android apps to meet new people online (2019)

But later i had to delete it because it was stopping me from doing productive work (i.e., Blogging). It is good for time pass. You can do anything in the virtual world. Give it a try if you’re a teenager.

Download: Hotel Hideaway

There are many games similar to this virtual world. This is the best one i found so far. Maybe there are other games better than this.

1) Daily Postcard

The best thing about this app is that you can send postcard to anyone randomly. You can select where to send your postcard based on country, language, interest, gender. Your postcards will be answered by a random person, vice versa. You can chat with new people around the world and make friends instantly. Unlike Facebook and snapchat, here you will get 100% reply from a random person.

daily postcard app5 Best Android apps to meet new people online (2019)

Ask any interesting topic and wait for someone to answer it. When they answer it, you can continue talking. The only tricky thing about Daily Postcard is you can only reply once, you don’t have another chance. Still you can reply more than one time using Special Bird.

Download for – Android
Download for – iOS

With these Android apps mentioned above, you can meet new people online. Based upon your attitude and behavior of talking the other person may respond to you without any worries.

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If i have missed any app to meet new people online, please let me know in the comments.

Have a good day, take care.

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