Speed up PC [Windows 10] 10 easy ways

10 easy ways to speed up PC [Windows 10]

Did you know that PC generates lot of junk files from it’s installed programs? Some files are used and others are just temporary files. There are some system settings you should optimize to speed up PC. Because of the junk files such as temporary files, cached files, system restore point, old windows update files your PC gets really slow. Let’s optimize and speed up PC:

Tweak #1: Uninstall unnecessary programs

Uninstall programs which consume lot of disk space. Don’t overthink anything, Just do it.

Just do it

Navigation: Search for “add or remove programs” on start menu and click on it.

Uninstall the unnecessary programs from the list.

Tweak #2: Disable Startup Programs

There are some programs which automatically run in the background like a spy when the PC is started. To fix this issue you need to disable the programs from the task manager.

Navigation: Hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc (or) Search “task manager” on start menu (or) Right Click on Start menu and find “task manager” to open the window. Navigate to the Startup Tab.

It shows all the programs which run in the background, look for the programs which show Startup Impact as High.

Right click on the program and disable it.

Tweak #3: Free up Disk space

Disk Cleanup is a built-in system software provided by windows by default. It helps in deleting the older versions of system restore point, old files of windows update, temporary files, recycle bin and so on..

Deleting these files wont harm your PC, because these files are outdated. It takes a long time to delete huge unnecessary data from your system (depends upon the cleanup size), so have patience and don’t cancel.

Navigation: Search for “disk cleanup” on start menu and click on it.

Now follow these steps to cleanup disk space:

  • Select C drive from the list (If your main system programs are on another drive, then select that drive)
  • It shows files to delete. By default, the program automatically selects files to delete. Then click on “Clean up System Files“.
  • It scans the drive for more junk files and shows you the result. Now select the files which you don’t need. By default, the program automatically selects files to delete.
  • Hit “OK
clean up system files and speed up PC
disk cleanup and speed up PC

Now, wait until the files are deleted completely. It takes a lot of time if the cleanup size is large. Let it run in the background, you can do other tasks in the meantime.

Clean up disk space at regular intervals to avoid large junk files.

Tweak #4: Adjust visual effects

By default windows has animations to make user interface beautiful, but it can slow down your PC. Reducing animations can speed up PC but the user interface may look ugly.

Navigation: Search for “adjust appearance” on start menu and click on the first result.

For best optimization settings, Select “Adjust for best performance” and tick “smooth edges of screen fonts” (Recommended) . Hit Apply and OK.

You can tick the options as per your choice but it can slow down your PC.

best performance settings for windows 10

Tweak #5: Enable Fast Startup

Enabling this option will boost your PC and reduce boot loading time.

Navigation: Search for “control panel” on start menu, again search for “power options” and click on it.

At the left sidebar select “Choose what the power button does

Now, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable“.

Make sure “Turn on fast startup” is ticked and Save changes.

fast startup

Tweak #6: High Performance

High performance adjusts your PC to the best settings possible but it consumes more battery power.

Navigation: Search for “control panel” on start menu, again search for “power options” and click on it.

Select “High Performance

high performance

Tweak #7: Delete Temporary files and Cache

With Disk Cleanup, temporary files get deleted. In case you didn’t, then:

Open “run command” from the start menu and type %temp% , Hit OK.

temporary files

Select all the files and delete them.

Now, Open “run command” from the start menu and type prefetch , Hit OK


Select all the files and delete them.

These files are the system generated cache files to speed up PC, it stores lot of data. Therefore, you should clean the prefetch files at regular intervals.

Tweak #8: Windows security updates

Security updates are very crucial for your PC, update them regularly so that system stays fit and healthy.

Navigation: Search for “Windows settings” on start menu and click on it, select “update and security“.

windows updates

Check Updates

Install new updates if they are available.

Navigate to the Windows Security tab -> Open Windows Defender Security Center
Maximize the window and select Virus & threat protection from the sidebar.

windows security

Windows has a built-in antivirus, it scans for virus & malware regularly and keeps the system clean. You can use other antivirus software along with Windows Antivirus.

Enable Periodic Scanning for better safety and stay away from virus.

Tweak #9: Use SSD (Solid State Drive)

SSD (Solid state drive/disk) is 10x faster than HDD (Hard disk drive). It speeds up your PC and makes your system run very smoothly. SSD is an upgraded version of HDD in terms of speed and reliability.


Want ultimate speed for your PC? Then spend some bucks and buy SSD.

Tweak #10: Install RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a form of storage device which stores temporary data and it is a volatile memory. Which means that you cannot save data permanently on RAM. When you Shutdown or Restart your PC, the temporary memory gets vanished.

Okay let’s stick to our topic now.

First of all you should check the RAM usage from the task manager to know whether you really need to upgrade RAM or not?

Navigation: Hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager

Select Performance tab and choose Memory from the sidebar.

Memory Usage

Here, check available RAM for your PC and decide whether to buy or not.

If you want to upgrade RAM, note down the type and check the price at online stores and offline stores.

Online stores such as Amazon or Flipkart.

In the pic above, DDR3 is the RAM type. So, if you want to check the price online you should search it as DDR3 RAM + your laptop model.

You can install it manually by watching YouTube tutorials or go to the nearest PC repair shop and pay him some bucks to install it.

I recommend you to go to a Computer Hardware store and purchase the RAM.

Finally, after optimizing the settings you should restart your PC to see the results.

And this comes to the end of this blog post. If you get stuck in any step, comment your problem and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading till the last. Have a good day, take care.

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